Welcome to PyMoDAQ-Femto documentation!

PyMoDAQ-Femto is a 2-in-1 python application dealing with femtosecond laser pulse characterization. It features:

  • A user interface called Simulator to simulate non-linear traces obtained using most known characterization techniques (FROG, D-Scan, … with their various non-linear flavour)

  • a user interface called Retriever to run various retrieval algorithms on simulated or experimental traces (acquired for instance using PyMoDAQ or other means)


Fig. 1 PyMoDAQ-Femto’s Simulator.

Both modules can be run as stand-alone application or plugged as an extension to `PyMoDAQ`__. All together it produces a framework for complete temporal characterization of shaped ultrashort femtosecond pulses.


GitHub repo: https://github.com/CEMES-CNRS/pymodaq_femto

Documentation: http://pymodaq_femto.cnrs.fr/

Based on PyMoDAQ and the `pypret`__ library the pyqtgraph library.

PyMoDAQ-Femto is written by Sébastien Weber: sebastien.weber@cemes.fr and Romain Géneaux: romain.geneaux@cea.fr under a MIT license.


If you want to contribute see this page: Contributors

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By using PyMoDAQ-Femto, you are being asked to cite the article published in Review of Scientific Instruments `RSI 92, 045104 (2021)`__ when publishing results obtained with the help of its interface. In that way, you’re also helping in its promotion and amelioration.


Please see the changelog.